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Central Plateau School Attendance Service


Central Plateau REAP now runs the new School Attendance Service. Previously two services, the District Truancy Service and the Non-Enrolled Truancy Service, the new service combines these two roles and the branding is “ecase – Every Child Attending School Everyday”. The service intends to significantly reduce unjustified absence rates and the time taken to return learners to education.


The vision of the attendance service is centred on learners, and both learners and whānau lie at the heart of stakeholder efforts to improve attendance, engagement and ultimately achievement of individual learners. The new service, which REAP runs on behalf of the Ministry of Education, extends beyond returning a learner back to school. It looks at all factors contributing to a learner’s unjustifiable absence or non-enrolment and identifies what school, family/whānau, community and social service support is required to sustain attendance.


The Attendance Service is designed to support schools to maximise attendance as a foundation for engagement in learning and achievement. Learner attendance, along with effective teaching, has the greatest influence on learner engagement and achievement.


Learners with high absenteeism are less likely to succeed in their learning. If a learner misses five school days each term, or one day a fortnight they will miss the equivalent of one year of school over 10 years. As the level of absenteeism grows, the difficultly of re-engaging in learning can grow exponentially.


Keeping our children and young people attending school and engaged in education is important. Attendance and engagement in school improves employment, social and life chances and reduces the development of antisocial behaviour and youth offending.


We have been fortunate to retain the services of Benoir Midwood-Murray, who was the Truancy Officer under the old service. Benoir relates well to young people and adults alike and is passionate about young people making the most of their opportunities in order to give themselves the best start in life. We also have Melissa Tupara in Turangi, who was also previously the truancy officer there. Melissa has many years of experience in the education sector and she knows whanau and the Turangi community well.


For concerns about non-attendance of school-age children in Taupo, contact Benoir on       027 265 6901 or for Turangi, Melissa on 021 213 6487.

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