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School Programmes


Schools requests are accepted in May and October each year.  Download the Application Form here...

   Programme Application Form

   Programme Evaluation Form

The role of the Schools Programme is to assist schools in

  • ensuring that rural schools have access to high quality appropriate and effective education programmes
  • enhancing the learning outcomes of individuals at risk of educational underachievement
  • fostering a culture of professional development and enhancing teaching skills

Programme delivery takes many forms and reflects the diverse nature of our geographic location.  Many programmes are based around providing specialist tutors particularly in the areas of music, visual arts, taha maori, dance and drama.  Other programmes specifically address the issues of student underachievement.

REAP also provides professional development opportunities for teachers and other school staff.

The REAP schools' programme also coordinates schools' participation in the biennial Lake Taupo Arts Festival.  The Schools' Coordinator works closely with the Taupo Resource Teacher Learning Behaviour Cluster, the Taupo Principals' Association and the Reporoa Valley Schools Cluster.

The Schools Programme invites biannual Funding requests from schols and school based organizations.  The allocation of funding is decided upon by a Committee formed from the REAP Executive (elected from the wider community).  Examples of programmes receiving REAP funding are:

  • remedial reading
  • watercolour painting
  • truancy initiative
  • classroom management practice
  • combined schools music tutor
  • driver's license training
  • mathematics extension
  • peaceful warriors

If you have any questions or would like more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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